Austin McBroom And Wife Explain The Whole Story About Their Home Foreclosure Drama

Austin and Catherine McBroom have finally come clean explaining the whole story behind the rumors that there home was under foreclosure for not paying the bills.

Austin McBroom is the patriarch of YouTube’s biggest Family Vlog channel ‘The Ace Family’ and there have been rum ours about the alleged foreclosure of the ACE Family’s Encino, California house. 

‘Our House Story’

In the latest YouTube video on the ACE Family channel titled ‘Our House Story’, the couple explain everything in-detail about what has been happening with them and how they were not at fault.

When the entire drama started, Austin McBroom clearly stated that “Ain’t nobody getting evicted, ain’t nobody moving.”

The couple have now revealed that they were scammed by the contractor that they we working with. The contractor was not a licensed contractor and was using the license of someone else. They said that “Because of that he was able to get everyone on his team to basically screw us,” 

Austin McBroom Speaks

Austin McBroom, trying to explain to his viewers and make things more clear said: “I have to say this. If it was true that we weren’t paying our bills — this is like the narrative people want to give it — if it was true that we didn’t pay our bills, why the freak would I spent $40-50,000 on my gardening and get all this gardening done just a couple months ago and literally show it to you guys on our channel?”

“As far as us suing anybody, like we should be suing these people, but yeah, time and energy, like I’m just so over it, I just wanna move on. Yeah, we lost millions of dollars in this house, but we just got a new house.”

The couple are definitely done and dusted with this chapter of their lives and want to move on. What do you think about the whole story? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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