Attack On Titan Explains How Eren Survived THAT Attack

Attack On Titan Explains How Eren Survived THAT Attack

Fans were shocked when Eren Yeager was killed in the most recent episode of Attack on Titan, but the show twisted things even more by revealing that he not only survived but also explained how it was possible. The series’ fourth and final season continues with Eren and Marley’s heated battle, which took a turn for the worst when Zeke arrived and the two Yeager brothers attempted to unite their power. This does happen in the most recent episode, although it’s probably a lot bloodier than many viewers imagined.

Eren’s desperate attempt to connect with Zeke so the two of them can unite and release the Founding Titan’s power is continued in the latest episode of the series, but he is interrupted before he can do so. Gabi Braun, fueled by wrath, hits Eren with a brilliant shot that completely separates his head from his body. However, while this would have been the end of any other character, Eren simply suffers a little setback as a result of his head accidentally colliding with Zeke seconds before death.

Eren and Zeke attempted to reunite in Episode 78 of Attack on Titan, and Mikasa and the Survey Corps did their best to protect Eren in the process. But, while he manages to escape his Titan body and make his way to Zeke, Gabi discovers him and shoots him in the neck before he can link up with his brother. This sends his divided head soaring through the air, which Zeke manages to capture just before it reaches the ground, unlocking the Founding Titan’s power exactly as they had anticipated.

This was enough to bring Eren into the Paths and save him from death, just like how the power saved Zeke from his critical state. It’s a little gory, but it’s well known that a person’s head may survive being removed from their body for a few agonising seconds, and Eren didn’t exactly die when his head fell on Zeke’s hand. This gave them ample time to save Eren and continue with their plan.

It’s an outlandish approach to bring him back from such a life-threatening injury, but what do you think? Did you think Eren would be able to recover from such a devastating blow? What does this signify for his involvement in the rest of the series, in your opinion? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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