Atif Aslam Sets Social Media on Storm Hinting Towards New Collaboration!

Pakistan’s all-time heartthrob Atif Aslam has definitely got the power to grab the attention of his fans with merely a single tweet. Atif has indicated in his tweet about a new collaboration on the way however, the brand name has not been revealed yet. Here we have got the details!

Atif Aslam Tweet Hints New Collaboration!

Atif Aslam

As per the details, Atif tweeted over the weekend from his account in which he penned, “Are you ready to meet the nightscape Legend?” This single tweet has started a chain of speculations as people are thinking, which brand could Atif Aslam be collaborating with this time.

As we know that Atif Aslam is that legend who never goes with anything ordinary so everyone is looking forward to the brand he is going to collaborate with.

Atif Aslam Ready for New Venture – What Are The Expectations?

So, which brand is going to collaborate with Atif? Any guesses? Well… no official statement has been released in this regard. However, one major guess everyone has is that the collaboration is with a smartphone brand.

Here is What People are Speculating!

Here we have got some tweets about what people are thinking Atif Aslam’s collaboration and the brand:

This fan is loving the way Atif Aslam has turned on curiosity for the fans on Twitter. Take a look at this tweet!

Here is a fan’s welcome back tweet depicting how much they have been missing Atif. Check it out!

An Instagram post also talks about the comeback of the legend Atif Aslam and the caption says it is a smartphone brand. This shows how everyone is looking forward to him and all this happened right after a tweet. When he will be making an appearance after a long time, we really can’t estimate the intensity of fans’ happiness.

So, what are your guesses for Atif Aslam’s new collaboration? Share your views with us!


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