At WWE Clash at The Castle, Roman Reigns triumphs over Drew McIntyre

The WWE hosted its first significant event in the UK in 20 years today, making it a historic day for the company.

Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre’s highly anticipated fight served as the main event of the Clash at the Castle tournament in Cardiff, Wales.

Recently, Roman Reigns reached the halfway point of his reign as Universal Champion. He unquestionably had a tonne of momentum going into today’s fight as a result. The Tribal Chief, however, faced off against a Scottish Warrior from the UK on his own soil. This made the game more evenly matched.

How the match went?

Throughout Roman’s stint as champion, there haven’t been many title defences where it felt like he would actually lose. One of those defences came into play during his bout today with Drew McIntyre. Early in the bout, McIntyre had the upper hand, but a diversion brought on by Karrion Kross and Scarlett at ringside caused McIntyre to lose concentration and gave Roman the upper hand.

Austin Theory, who was in possession of the Money in the Bank briefcase, also made an attempt to pay it in, but Tyson Fury knocked him down at ringside and prevented him from continuing for the rest of the evening.

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Solo Sikoa assists Roman Reigns in maintaining the undisputed WWE Universal Title

Solo Sikoa, Roman Reigns’ cousin and the younger brother of Jey and Jimmy Uso, interfered with the main event one last time by grabbing Drew’s foot from the apron. Roman was able to defeat Drew with one final spear attack thanks to this diversion.

Unlucky McIntyre

Before entering the ring with his current theme, McIntyre’s previous “Broken Dreams” song began to play as a video for him.
The fans demonstrated their might to the world while McIntyre claimed that he should have known better. McIntyre declared that he will continue to compete and that he won’t give up until he wins the crowns. Today’s outcome would have been nothing short of a fairytale if McIntyre had won (complete with a castle). But it appears that WWE has bigger plans for Roman Reigns’ illustrious title run.

The Tribal Chief Reign Continues

Possibly the most divisive performer in the annals of professional wrestling is Roman Reigns. Although his singles run as a babyface from 2014 to 2020 was significant in terms of his great posture and booking, it will be remembered for being inconsistent with how WWE fans at the time reacted to him.

Business-wise, those were prosperous years for WWE as the corporation negotiated multibillion-dollar television deals, licenced its merchandise in a wide range of applications, and sold the rights to its own streaming network, all with Reigns serving as its spokesperson. Despite playing a character that more closely matches his personality and makes his star power pop off the show, Reigns is still at the top of the WWE food chain today. Roman Reigns has always been known for his charisma, but now it is being used in a way that is both well-liked by critics and lucrative for the ticket office.

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