Asmongold To Make His Twitch Comeback On Saturday But There’s A Warning

Famous gamer and Twitch streamer Asmongold recently took a break from Twitch because he wasn’t feeling to the best if abilities.

Asmongold admitted that streaming on Twitch felt ‘really weird’ lately and he wanted a break to rejuvenate himself. After supposedly ‘recalibrating’ himself, the streamer has announced he is making a comeback on Twitch this week.

Some Changes Incoming

Taking to his official Twitter handle, Asmongold revealed that he will return to streaming this Saturday, ie, September 11.

However, fans were also taken in for a surprise warning when Asmongold promised that there will be a few changes moving forward. What are these changes?

Well, we’ll only get to know about them when Asmongold returns this Saturday.

Good Or Bad Changes?

The former World of Warcraft streamer, however, informed his fans that the changes are going to be something ‘good’ and not ‘bad’.

Here’s Asmongold’s official Tweet:

“Streams will resume on Saturday… Stormblood and my first P.O. box stream will be this weekend! Have some changes and stuff I’ll want to talk to everyone about then! (Good stuff not bad)”

Asmongold And YouTube Gaming

The streamer recently also talked about the possibility of quitting Twitch to join YouTube Gaming. Many big streamers on Twitch such as Dr Lupo and TimTheTatman have already made the move.

If you are wondering whether or not Asmongold will move away from Twitch to stream exclusively on YouTube, click here to find out his answer.

Asmongold’s Twitch return is going to be massive and will be watched by many as he is one of the biggest names on the Amazon-owned platform. Are you exicted? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!


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