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Asim Azhar Unfollows Hania Amir, Removes All Her Pictures

Asim Azhar and Hania Amir have been playing some sort of a game on Insta. First, we saw them swooning all over each other at every function and event.

Then, we got the news through Hania that she and Asim are just friends and nothing more. This blew up all over social media, and both were bombarded with questions. Within a few days, we saw the two together again in a friend’s gathering and were questioning as to what their relationship status is exactly?

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Looks like, months later, we are still questioning the same. In a recent stint that Asim has pulled off, it looks like this is IT for the couple and there is nothing left anymore.

What Did Asim Azhar Do?

Just recently, Asim Azhar has unfollowed Hania Amir from her Instagram account. Not just this, but he also removed all their pictures together from his account.

Throughout the situation, Azhar has kept his silence even when Hania said that they are friends and later doing a complete Instagram post as well. He kept his quiet and did not say anything on the matter even after people flooding him with questions.

However, it looks like something did happen again because this time around he took a strict stance. Not just unfollowed the former love interest but spent a good amount of time removing all her pictures from his Instagram account.

Were Hania & Asim Dating Really?

Since the news of the duo breaking up has surfaced, everyone has been asking whether both of them were dating or not. Even though they didn’t explicitly reveal the love affair, but this all started when both of them were showstoppers in a Fashion Week and Asim sang a song for Hania all the while kneeling down for her as well.

From there, started the news of two together and we saw them with each other on multiple occasions. In fact, both of them attended every event and function together. In various interviews, we heard them talking about their relationship even if not openly.

Why Did They Break Up?

Though we aren’t sure what happened, it all started when Hania in her live session with the bestie Aima Baig said that she and Asim were just friends and nothing more.

This visibly left Baig in shock as well, who even replied that she was hearing this for the first time. She also did a separate post soon after, which was sort of an indirect explanation. But she did mention Asim and her relationship with him in it as well. Here is the post:

Since then, people have been making memes after another, but we haven’t heard from any of the two officially yet.

Now that Asim Azhar has finally removed Hania from all his public profiles, it looks like it not only is finally over, but he got his closure as well. No matter what happened, we wish the two best of everything in life.

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