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Ashley Tisdale Talks High School Musical Reunion & Pregnancy

Ashley Tisdale opened up about High School Musical’s upcoming 15th anniversary in an interview recently. The actress talked about the impact the movie has even after more than a decade.

The first movie was released back in January 2006 as she said she does not believe there will be a reunion in 2021. Ashley shared how she did not realize the milestone anniversary was coming up. She admits to having lost track because every single year there is an anniversary for one of those movies.

The former Disney star shared how she expects that there is going to another anniversary every year. She said, “It’s just… kind of crazy. I feel like we celebrate it every single year almost at this point.” The actress shared that she does not watch the movies anymore.

However, she appreciated the High School Musical’s franchise to fans’ delight. She explained how she does not watch herself in anything. The actress adds she does not know any actor that enjoys watching themselves. She shared how the 10-year anniversary of the franchise was special to her and the rest of the High School Musical cast.

The cast included Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Monique Coleman, Corbin Bleu, Lucas Grabeel. She looked back and shared that they did get together, however, shared that she does not see them getting together again. The actress said, “It’s really awesome, obviously, and it’s so sweet that everybody likes to count each year for all three of [the films]. For us, there’s always an anniversary.”

“I share a lot of me and my personal journey…”

Ashley added that they are all really good friends and talk in their everyday life. She shared, “I don’t see us getting together, especially in this ominous time of quarantine.” Although there is not a High School Musical reunion to look forward to, we still have Ashley’s journey to motherhood to look forward to.

The former Disney star had shared the news of her and her husband, Christopher French expecting their first baby together. After a month, the couple had revealed that they are expecting a baby girl. She joked about her pregnancy and that itself is a surprise.

The actress shared that she thinks the most surprising thing was how excited everybody was. She said, “It’s always nerve-wracking to share such a vulnerable thing,” she admitted. “I share a lot of me and my personal journey… and I try to balance stuff where I can keep some stuff really secret and close.”

The High School Musical star revealed that she was nervous to announce her pregnancy. However, she felt overjoyed when she saw how the response was to the news. She recalled how she thought it was crazy and sweet. The actress shared, “I just felt so much love that day and it’s been pretty amazing.”

Ashley has yet to reveal her due date, but she expressed her excitement in raising a daughter. She shared that when she found it was a girl she was extremely excited because she feels she has a lot to offer her. The mother-to-be further added that she is independent and feels like she has gone through things that she can share with the baby.

“I’m not going into it being like this is the easiest thing in the world”

She said, “I am independent and I feel I’ve gone through things that I can share with her. And making her a strong, independent woman, that’s something I look forward to”. Although she also admitted to knowing that she knows being a first-time parent is no piece of cake.

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“I am someone who has a niece who is 10, and so… I’m not going into it being like this is the easiest thing in the world,” she noted, adding, “I know it’s gonna be hard and I know it’s gonna change our life.”

Ashely also talked about what her priority would be when she welcomes her daughter with her husband. She said she wants to keep her child healthy and revealed she has been using Olly Vitamins.

Further explaining about the product she shared, “It has the key ingredients that I look out for; which is the folic acid, DHA, Vitamin D, iron, and it helps support the growth and development of the baby. And I really feel great taking them and I know that my baby is healthy and strong because of it.”

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