Ashley Graham Speaks Out on Hugh Grant's Behavior at Oscars Interview

Ashley Graham Reacts on Hugh Grant’s Behavior at Oscars Interview

The 95th Academy Awards, held on March 12, 2023, had many memorable moments, but one incident, in particular, piqued the interest of fans and the media. Ashley Graham, a 35-year-old model working as an ABC correspondent, appeared to receive lackluster responses from actor Hugh Grant during their red-carpet interview.

Grant’s apparent disinterest in the interview and his very obvious eye roll at the end of their conversation, which was captured on camera, irritated fans. Ashley Graham appeared unconcerned when approached by a TMZ reporter at the airport the next day, despite the social media backlash.

“You know what? My mama told me to kill people with kindness, so there you go,” Graham smiled as she said this. She confirmed that she had a great time at the Oscars and joked; that her feet were hurting from all the walking.

Hugh Grant’s brief and straightforward responses to Ashley’s questions during their interview drew widespread criticism on Twitter. When Ashley asked what he was wearing, Grant replied, “just my suit”. When she inquired about his role in the film Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery; he replied, “Well, I’m barely in it. I’m in it for about 3 seconds”.

The interview ended awkwardly when Ashley told Grant how nice it was to talk with him; to which he replied, rolling his eyes, “Yeah,” as he searched where to keep the microphone.

Fans took to Twitter to express their displeasure with Grant’s behavior during the interview; with one fan claiming that Ashley handled it flawlessly; and another claiming that Ashley should be awarded an honorary Oscar for putting up with Grant. A third person agreed, tweeting, “What the heck is up with Hugh Grant? Ashley Graham deserves an award for keeping her game face.”

The Oscars had many memorable moments, but Ashley Graham’s interview with Hugh Grant was not one of them. Despite the criticism, Ashley maintained her poise and grace, impressing fans with her poise and grace.


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