Armie Hammer Forced Lap Dances On Male Assistant As Per Docuseries

Armie Hammer Forced Lap Dances On Male Assistant As Per Docuseries

The new documentary about the controversy surrounding Armie Hammer titled House of Hammer reveals new shocking things about the actor. The documentary series also reveals how the actor got obsessed with BDSM after various women accused him.

The docuseries also reveals at one point as his former male assistant claims Armie forced him to do lap dance at a strip club. This was in addition to the already revealed sexual assault accusations. It also revealed that the actor drove drunk in a residential area at 140 km/hour.

House of Hammer also sheds light on the history of violence embedded within his family. The first few opening minutes of the series had Armie sharing his sexual fantasy which involved rope bondage.

In the first episode of the three-part series, the actor is heard in an audio message where he says, “Hi, buckle your seatbelt. This is going to be the bet. If I won, I get to come over to your house with my bag of goodies. Inside my bag of goodies, there are several different bundles of Shibari rope; Shibari is the Japanese art of rope bondage”.

The actor goes on to say that his bet would involve showing up at their place and tying them up and “incapacitating you”. He added then he will be able to do anything he wants with every single hole on their body until he is done.

Armie’s ex-girlfriend, Courtney Vucekovich, also appears in the documentary and reveals that she did get involved in his BDSM fantasies. However, she said it was something that was never been done to her.

Julia Morrison Reveals Horrifying Texts By Armie

Courtney shared a three-week vacation that she and Armie went on near Palm Springs. She revealed how it was “degrading” and “belittling” and she did not like to put it out there. Vucekovich added that she endured injuries and bruises from being tied up by the actor on a road trip.

She claimed how he used to put up a “creepy” playlist and tie her up around her neck, wrists, behind her back, and ankles. Courtney had bruises and did not appreciate it as she shared she did not like it but if it’s someone’s fantasy she wished “more power to you”.

On the other hand, Julia Morrison, a model, and actress also appeared in the docuseries. She revealed that the actor got in touch with her after seeing a photoshoot of her being choked. Armie had alleged texted her once writing, “I’ve wanted to tie you up since I saw those goddamn pictures and messaged you about it.”

As per the texts exchanged, the actor also allegedly texted how he has a fantasy of having someone prove their love to him by tying them up in a public place at night and making their body free for use. He wrote, “And see if they will f*** strangers for me.”

Armie also allegedly told her that he wants to remove her ribs, barbecue them and savor them. This chain also included his infamous “I’m 100% a cannibal” text. Another source wanted to be anonymous and shared more shocking revelations about the actor.

This source used to work for the actor as an assistant; claimed he forced him to go to a strip club to get him a lap dance. He shared his discomfort with it and did not stand with it. The source explained how Armie made him believe he had no choice; he could have walked away but was scared of the “stature”.

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