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Armeena Khan Exposes Fake News On Indian Occupied Kashmir

Armeena Khan recently exposed Indians for circulating fake information along with fake hashtags. The fake information seems to be about brutal killings in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

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The actress took to her social media to clarify the fake news that is being circulated. She questioned the fake news about Pakistan forces being the one committing brutalities in Occupied Kashmir. Armeena clarifies that the real brutalities were actually endured from Indian forces.

The actress retweeted a tweet about the information that said that three young Kashmiris were martyred by Indian forces. Along with the retweet she questioned how is Pakistan the one spreading terrorism. She said the ‘dirty’ lies have been spread by Sanghis.

850433 702077 maisie williams in a still from ep 6 death is the enemy 3 3

The actress also added that this makes her feel sick and says fake hashtags are also being trended. She also shared one such example of fake information and asked her fans to scroll below to witness it.

Armeena also responded to another such tweet when a man claimed to be from Kashmir. He said he is from Kashmir and that he supports terror-free Kashmir. The user also added that it is sponsored by Pakistan. However, the actress responded to him and asked him which area of Kashmir he belongs to.

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She also accused him of lying “through his teeth” and addressed the people asking them to watch this carefully. The actress then went ahead and said her husband lives in Kashmir and that would be very interesting.

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