Are Shakira and Pique Back Together Again?

Since the cheating suspicions about Gerard Pique came to light, updates on Shakira and Pique have been a rollercoaster. After 12 years of marriage and two children, the couple broke up as a result of Pique’s adultery.

They started dating in 2010, and a few months into their relationship, it was discovered that Pique was having an affair with an unknown blonde lady, age 22. Shakira’s life has been a living nightmare ever since the breakup, with stalkers and photographers always around to disrupt her private life.

Apart from the score, there are many issues between the two that need to be resolved since the ex-couple is presently locked in a court struggle about who will get custody of their children.

Of course, Shakira and Pique prioritise their kids above everything else, and like any separated couple, they don’t want the kids to suffer the consequences of their marital issues.

Pique, Shakira, and The Kids To Go On A Family Vacation

Pique, Shakira, and the kids are apparently travelling as a family to carry out their promise to ease the kids’ adjustment to a broken household. Shakira and Pique will meet in the US on August 4 to discuss the last minute basics and specifics of the entire saga, according to a Mexican programme called Chisme No Like.

The former couple refers to their family get-together as a “mini holiday.” Chisme No Like shared, “It’s crazy. They’re going on holiday to the Bahamas. They are going to play happy family, and on their return to Spain they will sign the separation.”

It’s safe to anticipate that the holiday won’t be a typical family gathering, with tensions running high and possibly a lot of phoney smiles and politeness.

The former couple announced the split on June 4th in a joint statement to Reuters, “We regret to confirm that we are separating.” “For the wellbeing of our children, who are our highest priority, we ask that you respect their privacy,” they added.

Since the breakup, Pique has kept a low profile and faced a lot of backlash. 

Comments like “How can someone cheat on Shakira,” “Latin America’s number 1 enemy,” and “cancelled” are all over his Instagram profile. 

Since June 3rd, the day before they made the statement, he has not made any new posts.


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