“APOLOGIZE TO LISA” Trends After Spotify’s Blunder Makes The BLACKPINK Rapper Target of Vicious Attacks

APOLOGIZE TO LISA” is currently one of the top global trends on Twitter. Fans believe that the “Money” singer deserves an apology from Spotify after a mistake they made caused Lisa to receive a lot of hate from online trolls, who launched an array of misogynistic, xenophobic, and slut-shaming attacks on her.

Spotify first announced that Jungkook of BTS was the most-streamed K-Pop soloist of 2022, which made sense as the Korean sensation and BTS’ “Golden Maknae” was part of a number of global hit singles this year, including “Left and Right”, “Stay Alive”, and his most recent world cup song “Dreamers”.

However, Spotify then made some changes to their K-Pop tracking system because of which Lisa of BLACKPINK became the most-streamed K-Pop soloist of 2022. Lisa made her debut as a soloist last year in September. She is credited for a total of three songs on her Spotify profile – Lalisa, Money, and SG.

After this change, Lisa came under attack from online trolls and haters, who accused her of “sleeping with Spotify’s head for streams” among other such deplorable things.

A few hours after that Spotify again changed its K-Pop rankings, admitting that it had previously made a mistake.

“Every year, we endeavor to accurately reflect consumption around the world. In reference to our Top K-Pop Artists of 2022 playlist, multiple genre tags led to slightly different top ten lists, and they were not properly merged. This mistake has been corrected.” Spotify Kpop wrote in a tweet. “We join the fans in celebrating the many achievements of BTS and regret this error,” they added.

“All those vile comments towards her and for what? Today she was being extremely slut-shammed, xenophobic comments towards her, body shamed and saying she was sleeping with that Spotify guy over some streams. The one that deserves an apology is Lisa.” a fan wrote in response.

“Hi Spotify, with regards to your annual result for most streamed Kpop act that kept changing, we ask you to apologize to LISA & BLACKPINK. Due to your failure & inconsistent reporting, they have been tremendously slvt-shamed, accused, maligned, & disrespected across numerous social media platforms. We urge you to release clear guidelines as to how you came up with your lists to avoid confusion & to insure this won’t ever happen again. Make your platform a CLEAN & CREDIBLE avenue to enjoy music that reflects correct unbiased data.” a fanbase wrote, addressing Spotify.

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