Antonym NFT Now Live, Why Are So Many People Invested In It?

According to the biggest NFT marketplace OpenSea, Antonym is a ‘phygital’ lifestyle brand bridging the gap between digital collectibles and physical designer goods. Antonym: Genesis is a Phygital collection of 8,888 NFTs. Each holder is eligible to redeem a limited-edition, designer art toy.

About Phygital NFTs

Phygital – a combination of the words physical and digital – has been an eminent running theme for this particular non-fungible tokens’ collectibles. This is so because the group has allegedly revealed plans to build fully physical models of each of their pieces through multiple factories in China, which youtube NFT Nate also remarked upon.

Taking a nuanced approach to terming their NFTs, the Antonym collection refers to all its pieces are ‘collectibles’ in place of calling it merch, unlike various prominent players in this market.

3LAU Questions Legitimacy Of Antonym

3LAU, the owner of Royal, the NFT music marketplace, recently targeted the Antonym NFT Collection by questioning the project’s ‘Phygital’ validity. He called it a clever marketing ploy and colorfully described it as ‘bullshit’. 3LAU had made a Twitter post about the same earlier today. However, since then, 3LAU and @ammtonym, the founder of Antonym, have spoken at length: NFTEvening reports.

Both entities reportedly communicated through DMs, and the 3LAU has since admitted he was out of order. Consequently, 3LAU and @ammtonym both decided to donate $100,000 each to a Ukrainian relief fund instead.

3LAU later apologized for his behavior, which seemed to have bothered many a twitterer, saying, “PS i still admit I could have handled this all a little better, and probably could have picked a better project to pick on.” 3LAU later wrote a thread, detailing his exchange with @ammtonym, which covered all he’d learned and all he would like further clarification on.

Utility & Location

Youtuber Nate NFT also elucidated the Antonym tokens’ alleged extensive utilities, stating that, unlike most non-fungible tokens that simply use their digital art tokens in the e-commerce store, they would also buy back their token with the profits and burn these tokens. Burning tokens facilitates the NFT collection in raising their value by reducing the supply. This is similar to the approach that major cryptocurrency exchanges including Binance take. The Antonym NFT collectibles will have a retail store located in New York as well, the NFT youtube adds.

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