Antonio Brown wants to challenge Logan Paul for $25 million

Logan Paul set his sights on taking on football great Antonio Brown in his next fight in 2020, a few months after his rematch with YouTuber KSI.

The two exchanged blows online, and Paul went so far as to release a diss tune for Brown called “Going Broke,” which has over 23 million views on YouTube. At one point, they even met face to face.

However, negotiations soon came to a halt, and the two never actually fought in the ring together.

Brown appeared on an episode of Paul’s popular podcast ImPaulsive on January 25 to talk about his career, and of course, the issue of their prior fight came up, revealing the massive amount of money Paul might have fought for.

“Even back in the day, when we had our little beef and I met you face to face on that stage, I had no idea what to expect,” Logan said.

“The funny thing about it is we laughed when he said $25 million, now $25 million ain’t even that big a deal for this sh*t,” he explained. “You’re f*king crazy.”

Brown was “ahead of his time” in offering such a large sum, according to Paul.

Logan also urged Antonio to convince former opponent Floyd Mayweather to pay him months after their fight in June 2021, during his visit on the show. He asked Brown, “Could you tell him to pay me, bro?” “It’s the same with the rest of the money.”

It’s unknown whether Logan wants to return to the ring, but if he does, it will certainly be a highly awaited event.

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