Anthony Joshua Thinks Jake Paul Is ‘Great’ For Boxing

Jake Paul is not just raking up wins in the professional boxing space but also raking up appreciation from Boxing legends! The latest one being Anthony Joshua.

Jake Paul is a YouTuber-turned Professional boxer who boasts a 4-0 professional bout record.

His most recent fight with former UFC champ Tyron Woodley is considered to be the toughest challenge of his career but Jake Paul managed to win via split decision.

Manny Pacquiao Appreciated Jake Paul Last Month

Last month, we reported that Filipino Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao appreciated Jake Paul.

When asked about Jake Paul, Manny replied “he’s good.. he has a future”.

Anthony Joshua, on the other hand has said something similar about Jake Paul too.

Anthony Joshua On Jake Paul:

In an interview with iFL TV, when AJ was asked about his ‘opinion’ on Jake Paul, he immediately said “yeah, good.. great for boxing goodluck to him”.

Anthony added that he ‘guarantees’ Jake Paul will learn a lot more than other fighters.

“He’s putting himself under a lot of pressure. You know when you are able to do it under pressure, you have to get better at it. So yeah, good-luck to him, good-luck”.

Anthony Joshua has voiced his support publicly many a times for the rise in the trend of influencer / YouTube boxing.

Jake Paul’s Next Opponent

Fans under the post appreciated AJ for his honesty and some even anticipated a fight between Jake Paul and Anthony Joshua in the future.

Talking about Jake Paul’s next opponent, he has said that he wants to get in the ring with Tommy Fury next. However, there are no confirmations yet and what happens remains to be seen.

With Jake Paul in the sport, the future of boxing is definitely shining brighter than ever! Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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