Anthony Davis Rues The Fact That Lakers’ Big 3 Just Played 21 Games Together

The Los Angeles Lakers optimistic trade of Russell Westbrook to form a Big 3 with LeBron James and Anthony Davis has truly backfired on them this season. Hopes were high that the newly formed trio would be able to take them to the next level and help them repeat the glorious title run of 2020. Needless to say, the Lakers sitting in the 11th seed spot in the Western Conference, have faced severe backlash for their poor run from fans and media alike.

Anthony Davis has been injured and missed almost half the season, while Russell Westbrook has been a poor fit on the roster. And while LeBron James has put up age-defying performances time and again, the three have barely been able to feature in games together, playing in just about 20 of the 82 regular-season games for LA. 

“It’s Been Tough, Not Being Able To Fully Reach Our Potential As Far As Us Three Being On The Floor” : Anthony Davis

After their latest loss to the Denver Nuggets, Anthony Davis spoke about the team’s shambolic performances this season, pointing out the fact that they have barely had any time on the court together. 


“We never did all year. I think us three, being me, Bron and Russ, played 15 or 21 games together. We didn’t expect us to have only 21 games together. It’s been that kind of year, either I’m in or he’s in and the times that we do play together, we look really good… 

“It’s been tough, not being able to fully reach our potential as far as us three being on the floor, seeing what we could be but with that being said, we also have enough to win basketball games… We’ll continue to fight this way and give ourselves a chance and we’ll see what happens.” 

AD aptly noted that the team has not been able to play to its full potential. And now making it to the play-in is starting to look like a distant dream for the Lakers. Also considering Westbrook’s relationship with the fans and the media in LA though, this Big 3 might not get a chance to prove themselves again in the future.

Rohit Shahi is a Sports editor and a passionate fan of NBA. He aims to bring all the latest NBA news to you, covering all the major events and biggest superstars.