Anthony Davis Has A Lot To Prove In The Upcoming Season!

Anthony Davis Has A Lot To Prove In The Upcoming Season!

For the next season, a lot of players have a lot to prove. This goes for those whose career fell off or for those who have not performed in the past few seasons. But for one, it is not about just winning but reaching that next level of greatness as a basketball player and a legend that he should be doing.

Anthony Davis’ resume

Anthony Davis has had a superstar career so far in regards to many attributes. He came into the league as a lanky shot blocker but developed into a super star and then an NBA champion. He is an 8-time All-Star, 4-times All-NBA team, 4-times All-Defensive team, 3-times Block champion and an All-Star MVP.

He spent most of his playing career with the New Orleans Pelicans but due to a lack of championships and a roster to compete, he headed to the Lakers. As soon as he landed in the Lakers and paired up with LeBron James, he was motivated to win playing some of his best basketball. He eventually won the championship he desperately desired.

The truth about his career

But what’s next? If you look at AD’s career closely, he was drafted as the no.1 pick of the 2012 Draft. With the talent he is supposed to be having, isn’t his resume a bit bleak. He has not won any individual accomplishments apart from an All-Star MVP. He didn’t win even the Rookie of the Year!

Plus looking at the number of games he has played each season, he always had a history with some minor injuries and had to sit out games. During this time still, Davis was in contention to be the best power forward of the league in the coming years.

All of that talk disappeared as soon as he landed with the Lakers. The way he did it wasn’t acceptable as well. During this time, Giannis Antetokounmpo started coming up as well. AD were put head to head against each other and Giannis came out on top despite working his way to the top. Davis just matches Giannis with the championship he has and that too they did it playing two separate roles.

Has a lot to prove

Now that LeBron is ageing, AD should be the one taking the reins. Instead he fell to the ground due to his injuries and his career got derailed a lot. LeBron still had to carry the team and the Lakers are out of playoff contention in a matter of one and a half years since winning a championship.

Davis has a lot to prove in the upcoming season. He has to compete for MVP and needs to bring the absolute best to the court. If the Lakers end up reaching the Finals, Davis will have regained his glory but it isn’t an easy task. With growing players in the league, AD needs to polish his game and take care of his body. Another injury will surely be fatal for his career and he might never rebound back from that!

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