Anthony Davis Explains What Went Wrong For The Lakers This Season

The Los Angeles Lakers were officially eliminated from the playoffs race after their defeat against the Phoenix Suns. It is truly been a miserable season for the 17-time Champions by their own lofty standards. At the start of the season, the ‘Big 3′ trio of Lebron James, Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis were touted to provide a smooth sailing for the Lakers’ cruising ship. Unfortunately though they have fallen well short to even qualify for the play-in tournament.

Anthony Davis spoke to the press after the loss completely quashed their chances of qualifying for the play-in tournament. He was asked about what went wrong this season, and he noted that injuries got in the way. Davis added that the Lakers were aiming to win the NBA championship, and he felt like he had all the pieces for it, but injuries and other circumstances prevented the Lakers from achieving their ultimate goal.

“Our Goal Was To Win A Championship. I Felt Like We Had The Pieces. But Injuries Got In The Way Of That”: Anthony Davis

“Can’t take the injuries out. But a championship. When we first put the team together, first day of training camp when everyone was healthy… Our goal was to win a championship. I felt like we had the pieces. But injuries got in the way of that. And that was the difference in our season. I think we lost games where all of us was on the floor, me Bron, Russ, I think we’re three great players and we would have figured it out. If we logged more minutes together but we weren’t able to do that. Which makes it tough to be able to compete for a championship when your three best players haven’t logged enough minutes together. Unfortunate, but I guess we recap and see what the rest of the season looks like, and over the summer, see what next season looks like.”

Davis spoke further about the injuries the Lakers had to deal with during the course of the season, noting that the team had more starting lineups than wins during the course of the season. Clearly, there is a lot of frustration within the group right now, and the Lakers management have an uphill task to figure out how they would like to right the wrongs in the off-season.


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