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Anoushay Ashraf Shares Throwback Picture With Qandeel Baloch

Anoushay Ashraf is a multi-talented and versatile Pakistani actress and a VJ.

Anoushay has done some fabulous work in her career for MTV Pakistan’s Music channel. She is also an acting freak having appeared in several television drama shows in the past.

Her work is always above the ordinary which receives a lot of love and respect from fans.

What Did Anoushay Say?

Recently, Anoushay Ashraf took up to her Instagram account and shared a throwback memory with the late Qandeel Baloch.

While sharing a photo with Qandeel, Anoushay wrote that:

“On this day many years ago Qandeel Baloch put up a pic of me when we met at a show. She thought I was kind. That’s all it took to make someone happy. Being kind, being respectful to every human. I know nothing of her struggles or her miseries. I only see what’s on the surface and I shall never be mean to someone for their choices. It’s not my job, honestly. My job is only to be kind. Zero judgements. You can disagree with her ways, but you can never agree with hurting ANYONE. RIP Girl.”

Qandeel Baloch was a rebel, doing what she wanted to do. You can remember her by her viral social media clips, her quirky clothes, and perhaps even the music video. May her rest in peace!

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