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Anoushay Abbasi Attracts Criticism Once Again For Her Photoshoot

Anoushay Abbasi is a brilliant Pakistani actor, fashion model, and former VJ who is often seen on the screen performing supporting roles in well-known dramas.

She is the step sister of famous Pakistani actors Shamon Abbasi and Javeria Abbasi.

Bold Pictures

A few days back Anoushay Abbasi faced a lot of criticism for her bold photos that she posted on her Instagram account.

Anoushay was seen wearing a skin-tight dress, and fans were not happy to see the actress wearing a dress that portrayed in such a way.

Anoushay Abbasi recently posted on her Instagram account with a bright photo of herself wearing a mini frock. Her recent clicks sparked controversy on social media yet again.

Fan Reactions

Netizens took to the comment section to criticize Anoushay for wearing such an outfit. Here are some of the comments she received for her latest posts.

Career Works

Anoushay has appeared in a series of dramas in Lollywood but then took a break after her marriage. 

However, she returned with a dramatic change in fitness that made her the talk of the town.

Abbasi is currently appearing in the Raqs-e-Bismil series on Hum TV and has been praised for her acting skills in the show.

Other Controversies

Furqan’s recent compelling praise for co-star Anoushay Abbasi has drawn a lot of criticism. The actor praised fellow actor Anoushay Abbasi who also worked with him in the Raqs-e-Bismil drama with a seemingly vulgar statement.

“Din ba din piece hoti ja rhi hen /( getting hot day by day ) ” ,Furqan commented .

This comment was well received by fellow star Anoushay Abbasi, it seems to look like an inner joke too. She also laughed out loud when he commented the statement.

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