Another Woman Has Come Forward, Alleging That Chris Dickinson Assaulted Her

Another Woman Has Come Forward, Alleging That Chris Dickinson Assaulted Her

As previously reported, Chris Dickinson backed out of Saturday’s GCW In Too Deep event after independent wrestler Christina Von Eerie accused him of domestic abuse. Presently, a second woman had also come forward on social media, claiming that Dickinson abused her as well when they’re in a relationship. She sincerely hope that having shared these allegations will help to validate Von Eerie’s first story.

I wasn’t sure if I should do it. I’m terrified. I’m worried. Christina is someone I’ve never met. I’ve never met her before. I’ve been hearing a lot about her. I’m afraid to tell my story, but I can’t stand by and watch her be accused of lying when I understand what she said for him is accurate.

Having read what she posts elicited a range of feelings in me. Pain. Frustration. Validation. I might feel his presence in that venomous tone he uses when he speaks. There were so many parallels between her story and what I ended up going through. All of his feelings on female wrestlers are included. He’d brag regarding destroying Christina’s professional life.

I’ll destroy you like I spoiled her

I’ll destroy you like I spoiled her; without me, you’re nothing. He can’t stand the fact that I was implicated in wrestling.

Once we split up, I mysteriously disappeared on the internet, and the post keeps going. I discovered he was going to follow me on a secret account, screenshotting things I liked and pretending they were sent to him by a friend. I felt betrayed. It was too much for me. Despite the fact that he is obstructed on all social media platforms. I won’t like him to know anything at all about me. Once he asked regarding my life, I told lies and kept it hidden out of fear of retaliation. I wrestled less but I was afraid to communicate with him in person. He does not want his business partner to become more productive than him.

It is not his fault that anything bad happens to him. It’s all ours. I was nothing more than a shell of myself. Rebuilding after years of emotional blackmail and psychological torture. From the outside, I appeared fine, but inside, I was dying slowly because I won’t look like myself.


I can go on for full days about how many messed up events unfolded. It took a long time to realise how much abuse he had inflicted on me. His family was a big reason I never said anything. He has by far the most incredible family on the planet. Kind and generous. I adored them more than anything else.

I never intended to hurt them, and it hurts my heart that they have had to go through. I also believe it is one of his ruses. He is aware of our attachment to them and utilises that against us.

I never imagined myself as this girl. I never imagined it could occur to me. Yes, it did. I’m sure people online will accuse me of lying. I’m sure he’ll deny it. I’m sure he’ll come out and try to attack me. ‘If I go down, you go down with me,’ he used to tell. Threats if I mentioned what he’d do to me. But I understand what’s genuine.

My story is true. Her story is true. Any other girl to whom he has caused harm. I have faith in you. I know he keeps a file on every girl he’s ever been implicated with, complete with ‘photos’ to be used against them (Totally normal right).

She goes on to say that she wants to raise awareness for any other victims of Chris’ alleged abuse and provides hotline numbers for them to call if necessary. She then indications the post as Yet another ex-partner.

Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.