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Animated Series Green Eggs & Ham To Release Season 2 On Netflix In November 2021

The famous Netflix Original animated series is coming back on Netflix and fans are super excited for its return!

Green Eggs & Ham is a Netflix Original series based on the children’s book from 1960s written by Dr. Seuss. It has a killer theme and is one amongst the most well-received animated series on Netflix.

Release Date

The first season of Green Eggs & Ham had a four year waiting period. However, the second season has done a much faster job with fans having to wait just two years.

Netflix has not yet given the green signal for the series but the chief illustrator of Green Eggs & Ham took to his Instagram account to reveal the release date.

He said the series is scheduled to release on Netflix on 5th November, 2021. Let us see if Chad Frye gets that right!


Even though there has been no official confirmation until now from Netflix, the sound artist Illana Glazer has also spoken out about her completing the voiceover for the series! This cements the belief that Green Eggs & Hammis eyeing a 2021 release.

Having helped return Mr. Jenkins home, it’s likely that Sam will now want to journey to East Flurbia to try and find his mother, naturally, Guy will accompany him to help his friend. (Source: What’s on Netflix)

Why Did It Take So Long For A New Season!?

Green Eggs & Ham is an anime series. By default, all sort of anime content takes quite some time to complete as compared to the regular shows.

If the production of Green Eggs & Ham took three years to produce, that’s an astounding 2.7 months per episode, even at four years, that’s still an amazing 3.7 months to produce an episode each.

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