Angelyne Cast Reacts Over Emmy Rossum’s Breathtaking Transformation

On 19th May, Peacock’s new limited series Angelyne was released with some shocking transformation and storyline. The series genuinely explores the wild and complete life of the Hollywood Billboard Queen. For the role, actress Emmy Rossum did a hard job by undergoing a mind-blowing transformation.

The cast of Angelyne exclusively spoke to one of the leading websites. Let’s catch their interview over this beautiful transformation and more.

Angelyne Cast Members About Emmy Role & Transformation

The latest transformation of Emmy Rossum in Angelyne is commendable and makes a few headlines too. To play the character of pop culture icon the LA, stars Martin Freeman, Lukas Gage and Alex spoke about the transformation.

Martin Freeman said, “Well, for me, it was fantastic. Because you were just presented with a thing is as close to the character as humanly possible. I think, visually and performance-wise”. Further added, “So for me, it was like doing scenes with Angekyne. I don’t know, but it was like being just presented with this fantastic character because it felt to me like it is so close”.

The other cast member, Lukas Gage admitted that he looks up to Emmy after watching Shameless. And said “it was really easy for me to differentiate Emmy from Angelyne because she was truly a completely different person. It felt very separate”.

Alex from Angelyne reacted to Emmy’s transformation as ‘mind-blowing’. The actor noted that “for an actor to be able to perform and emote through a really big, thick layer of latex or rubber or whatever. And not overheat is also really, hard to do so. I feel you have to over-express yourself just to express yourself. To do that on a level that’s intuitive and reactionary and in the moment is extraordinarily challenging. Not to mention sitting in the makeup chair for 5 hours just to start your day, which would drive me crazy. So for all of those reasons, I think it’s truly spectacular.”

Mashfak Qureshi is an entertainment journalist, who brings facts and knowledge in the simplest form and believes in questioning.