Andy Samberg Reveals Brooklyn Nine-Nine Will Change Following BLM Protests

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be changing following the unrest after the killing of George Floyd. The show had reported back in June that it had the scripts of its four upcoming episodes thrown out of the window.

Andy Samberg who plays one of the main leads in the show has opened up about the same. He has promised that the show’s characters will examine their roles in the world. The actor also revealed that the show will address systemic racism and police brutality in its upcoming season.

During an interview with USA Today, he explained how the primary purpose of the show is and always has been to get their audiences to laugh. However, he added since it’s a cop comedy, they have to “lie on the bed they make”.

The actor revealed the challenge of being honest about what is happening in the world and not shying away from serious problems. He said, “The challenge is going to be being honest about what is going on in the world and not shying away from the fact that there are serious problems and also not punishing viewers who like our show and care about our characters.”

The former SNL star shared that the characters would need to examine their roles in the world. He said they would have to forcefully look into the mirror and see who they are complicit with. Brooklyn Nine-Nine has previously discussing police misconduct on the show.

“We’ve certainly never acted as if all police are innocent outside of our squad. In fact, I think we have a ton of episodes that are specifically about how there’s a lot of corruption and breaking protocol,” he contended.

“People who have problems with it can f**k off.”

Back in the fourth season of the show featured a storyline where Terry Crews’ character is racially profiled by a white police officer. However, most scenes of police misconduct have been shown for laughs. Andy shared how he expects the show to be a positive influence moving forward. Although he was careful to state that the half-hour comedy could not be expected to make a change in the culture of policing.

“’I think it’s important for us and for anyone watching our show to keep in mind if we’re looking for a half-hour comedy show to be the ones to solve this problem, we’re in trouble,” he said. The actor shared how their job is to point out the stuff that isn’t getting done in the right way and spreading the word.

Andy also spoke about the new diversity standards that will be imposed on all films hoping to qualify for the Academy Awards. He shared how people having issues with the Oscars thing is insane. The actor explained, “The parameters if you look at them closely, you can have the “whitest” cast in the history of cinema and still very easily meet them by just doing a few key roles behind the camera. People who have problems with it can f**k off.”

The show was canceled by Fox back in 2018 despite being a critical favorite show. However, after fans protested the idea, the show was revived by NBC. Andy stars in Brooklyn Nine-Nine as detective Jake Peralta, who’s part of the fictional 99th precinct.


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