Andrew Tate Reveals His Final Message To The Internet

Immediately following his suspension from Facebook and Instagram, Andrew Tate sent his “last message to the internet.” Instagram and Facebook’s parent company, Meta, last week prohibited “Top G” from using their social media platforms for breaking the business’s rules about potentially harmful people and groups. After the prohibition, “Cobra” Tate used his own website to post a video online.

On his website, he posted a video that was almost an hour long and in which he detailed all that was happening to him:

“I have some responsibility to bear. I am a man who believes I am responsible for everything. I think as a man you should take complete responsibility for your entire reality…..and because my rise has been so meteoric, because I’ve become so famous so quickly, and because I’ve been producing content for so long. Even though I take absoloute responsibility, I’m in a difficult scenario.”

He continued:

“Videos that were made 5 or 6 years ago in long form are now being cut into five seconds accelerated and proported now in line with my new line fame. I can’t stop that happening.”

According to Andrew Tate, he has been the target of those who have stolen his videos out of context and used them to further their own notoriety. He also mentioned how, in comparison to others who have accused him of being misogynistic, he has donated to organisations more money for the benefit of both men and women.

Jake Paul Reacts To Andrew Tate’s Message

Tate’s final comment prompted a tweet from Jake Paul in response. The Problem Child has frequently openly attacked and challenged Cobra Tate to a battle since he is not a huge admirer of him. However, “Top G” uploaded a video in which he introduced himself and discussed what was happening to him after being banned from the majority of popular social media platforms including Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.

Tate’s video was included with Jake Paul’s tweet, and he added:

“I don’t roll with Andrew Tate. May KO his ass out in the ring one day soon. But I roll with freedom of speech.”

The YouTuber feels that everyone has the right to free speech, despite the fact that he disagrees with most of what Tate says.


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