Andrew Garfield Reveals who was aware of his No Way Home cameo

Andrew Garfield has admitted to lying to many people about his Spider-Man: No Way Home role, including actress Emma Stone, who pressed him to tell the truth. Andrew disclosed the only three persons with whom he shared the huge MCU secret during his recent interview on The Ellen Show. Only his family was aware of the situation, according to the actor.

In an interview with Ellen, the actor stated that he had been keeping the secret for two years and that it was like throwing a surprise party for a large group of people. Garfield went on to say that only his parents and brother were aware of his return as Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

Garfield, when asked about lying for two years, replied, “It felt amazing to lie to people for two years and to lie to the internet for two years. “Keeping it a secret was fun,” he said. “It felt like I was helping to plan a surprise birthday party for a group of people I knew would enjoy it.” “, source of Just Jared.

Aside from his Spider-Man appearance, Andrew has been making headlines for his other big project, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tick, Tick… Boom!, which has earned Andrew a lot of Oscar hype. The actor was also nominated for a Golden Globe for his role in the film, which is based on the life of playwright Jonathan Larson, who is best known for writing the musical Rent.

Andrew Feels Working With Tobey

During the interview, Tobey was asked if he needed to be reminded not to look directly at the cameras now that he had focused his attention on producing for some time. “He took a little bit of a vacation from acting for a while, much to my dismay, because I’m such a huge fan of him as an actor,” Andrew snickered. He went on to say, “It was incredible to be able to witness him working on a film set as an actor again, especially in that role. I grew up watching Tobey in that role, and he’s such an important element of that character for me, not to mention a fan of his work.”

Garfield stated that they had a great experience working with director Jon Watts. They were merely brainstorming and came up with an equation between the three spidermen during their workshop before they even started filming. “We were throwing ideas around of what the relationship could develop into, what the dynamic could be, what the feeling towards each other is, and what the journey of that is when we first see each other versus when we part ways,” he said.

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