Spoiler!! Andrew Garfield Was Sold On No Way Home Because Of One Key Moment

Andrew Garfield admits lying about his identity when fans approach him

In a recent interview, Andrew Garfield revealed that when a fan approaches him in public, he often pretends not to be himself. It’s easy to believe Garfield is often contacted by admirers. Garfield has been in the public eye since co-starring with Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network in 2011.

He was cast as the primary protagonist of Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man series shortly after, cementing his place in Hollywood.

Andrew Garfield admits lying

In 2021, Garfield’s popularity has skyrocketed. The actor starred in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s directorial debut tick tick…BOOM, which received a lot of praise. He returned to the MCU less than a month later in Spider-Man: No Way Home, reprising his role as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. With major hits like these, the number of times Garfield gets approached by admirers on the street is bound to have increased in recent months. In a new Vanity Fair video, Garfield reunited with his Social Network co-star Dakota Johnson to discuss the film and how things have changed in the eleven years since its release.

When asked how the two engage with fans, Garfield admitted that when asked if he is Andrew Garfield, he often bluffs. According to Screenrant, he stated, “‘Hey, are you the guy from the thing?’ someone will ask. ‘No, I don’t look like him,’ I say. Then we’ll be able to have a proper debate. But then there are times when I’m just like, ‘yes, I am, and I’m about to disappoint you.’ You know what I’m talking at?” Garfield also stated that he has never felt bad about misleading someone about his true identity.

Garfield believes that the passion with which someone approaches him shows if they are looking for “the Andrew Garfield they’re looking for” or whether they are interested in meeting him as a genuine person. Garfield claims that if a fan requests an elevated version of him, he is not deceiving them about his identity because he is just a regular guy. Garfield’s point of view is easy to understand. Many fans of an actor who has appeared in so many successful projects as Garfield may have their own ideas about who he is that do not correspond to the guy himself.

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