Amsterdam’s Star-Studded Trailer Out Now: The Shocking Plot Of American History Awaits

A historical and drama movie with a star-studded cast awaits the audience!

The movie is none other than “Amsterdam” which just got its first look yesterday as 20th-century studios released its trailer and poster. 20th century on its Twitter & Instagram handle posted the first 2 minutes 39seconds trailer with a caption, ” A lot of this actually happened. @AmsterdamMovie, a new film from David O. Russell, arrives in theaters in 4th November 2022. #AmsterdamMovie.”

The film is directed and written by David O. Russell, his famous movies include Joy, American Hustle, The Fighter, Silver Linings Playbook, I Heart Huckabees, and many more. As the trailer and the caption said above, the movie is a combination of fiction & fact.

The Amsterdam film stars Margot Robbie, Christian Bale, Taylor Swift, John David Washington, Anya Taylor Joy, Timothy Olyphant, Zoe Saldana, Rami Malek, Chris Rock, and many others.

The story is set in the 30s and revolves around 3 friends who get framed for a murder and now they have to clear their names. It’s not just a normal murder mystery but they find themselves in between the craziest conspiracies of American history.

Let’s further breakdown the trailer for a better understanding,

The trailer begins with three friends Margot Robbie (Valerie), Christian Bale (Burt) & John David Washington (Harold) staring shockingly at a white man’s dead body in the box. We see Christian Bale leaving with the pine box of a dead body, saying to his friends “Do me a favor try to be optimistic.”

According to the trailer, Margot Robbie is a nurse whereas John & Christian are soldiers who are accused of a murder they didn’t commit. The background plays the music “I’d love to change the world” by Jetta. The three friends swore to protect each other from the difficulties.

The investigators accuse the three of the murderers and think that it’s no one but them, as all evidence points towards them. They are forced to solve this murder mystery to clear their names. So they embark on the journey of finding the truth and find themselves in a mystery that’s larger than they thought.

We see glimpses of various characters in the film that are going to be involved in the story. In the end, we see the quote in the trailer which says, ” Three friends Altered the course of American History.” The mystery slowly starts to unfold and the trailer concludes with the introduction of various stars also Chris Rock & Taylor Swift making an appearance.

Watch the Amsterdam trailer, here.

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