Amouranth To Release A Rap Album If Her Debut Music Video Reaches 1 Million Views

Kaitlyn Amouranth is one of the most popular social media celebrities in the world. Her career spans across streaming, content creation, acting, and investing.

She is also a very shrewd business minded person who has diversified her portfolio of investments from MFTs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and much more. Recently, Amouranth purchased $1 Million of Visa stock.

Amouranth’s Career

She is also the owner of a 7-Eleven store that gives her 1/3rd ownership rights. However, she is also a highly controversial internet celebrity. And now, the social media celebrity is also getting herself into the music industry.

Amouranth released her first ever music video titled Down Bad on YouTube that has amassed more than 550,000 views to date.

And to her surprise, the video has blown up right off the bat. However, the comments under the video aren’t all positive and appreciative. Many comments are trolling Amouranth for the lyrics and tune of the song.

‘I Will Make An Album’

However, in the latest video that she uploaded, Amouranth reads a few comments and also promises to come out with a full ‘PROFESSIONAL’ rap album next time. This will only happen when the existing music video that Amouranth has put out reaches 1 million views.

“I will make an album,” she said. “I will do that. If this rap video gets one million views, then I will make a second video. I’ll start working on it immediately.”

“And this time, I’ll go all out with a big budget and work with professionals. And actually make it not a satire,” she added. “I’ll actually make it good.”

What Next?

In the song, lyrics like “They call me ugly, but if that were true I couldn’t make a mill off my body,” are attracting special attention from the fans and haters alike.

In the past, Amouranth has explained when she shall retire from creating content and from being a ‘social media influencer’ in general. However, before that if you still do not know how much money Kaitlyn Amouranth makes from all her social media handles, you need to immediately check that out by clicking HERE.

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