Amouranth Invests $1 Million In A Stock On Her Birthday – Find Out Which

Kaitlyn Amouranth has been in the news latelt for her lavish investments. Just recently, the streamer and OnlyFans creator invested $10 Million to buy a 7-Eleven store. She revealed that she was a quarter-owner in the deal!

And now, on her birthday, the Internet celebrity has casually gifted herself the stock of a company worth $1 million. Which is the company that Amouranth invested in?

VISA Stock

Well, Amouranth had invested $1 Million in ‘Visa’ stock! Taking to her official Twitter handle, the internet sensation wrote: “I bought myself a million dollars of Visa Stock for my birthday!”

“That’s damn smart,” one fan praised. “To the moon!” another replied.

The buying power of Kaitlyn, as seen in the screenshot she posted is over 44 million US Dollars and she added 5,400 Visa shares in her portfolio on the occasion of her birthday.

Amouranth’s Retirement Plans

The content creator has been vocal about her retirement plans.

“I basically plan to grind it out as long and as hard as I can until either it doesn’t make sense anymore, or at some point the passive income > active income,” she noted. “This makes the most sense, this is the way to MAXIMIZE impact. Because passive income will only overtake active income in the scenario that I fall off a lot, OR my investments compound to the point of dwarfing anything I do actively (stream, 0F, etc).”

Amouranth takes home a massive bag each month and that’s without including her Twitch income! So incase Kaitlyn Amouranth decides not to stream on Twitch for an entire month, she would still pull off a $1 Million month!

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