Amouranth Explains The Real Reason Behind Her Banned Instagram Accounts

Amouranth is one of the most popular Twitch streamers and OnlyFans content creators on the internet. She rose to fame with her streams and later pivoted to doing many other side gigs.

She is also a very shrewd business minded person who has diversified her portfolio of investments from MFTs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and much more. Recently, Amouranth purchased $1 Million of Visa stock.

Amouranth Career

She is also the owner of a 7-Eleven store that gives her 1/3rd ownership rights. However, she is also a highly controversial internet celebrity.

Amouranth has faced bans on TikTok, Twitch, and Instagram in the past. While her Twitch channel was reinstated, her Instagram account couldn’t be brought back to life.

In her latest interview, she has revealed the real reason behind her banned Instagram accounts. The main reason her account got banned was not because of the lewd and explicit pictures she shared but rather due to mass-report by users.

What Did Amouranth Say?

“I’m in talks with people trying to get unbanned and apparently there’s nothing that I did wrong. But because I get so many mass reports, no one wants to take on the role of managing my account,” she explained. “All verified Instagram accounts have to have a manager, like an account manager.”

“If someone doesn’t want to take you on, they just don’t give a f**k,” she added. “Mine’s been gone for a few months. I think since October, so it’s really rough.”

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