Amid Speculations: Hailey Cleared The Bubble Of Her Pregnancy

The Hollywood model often seen grasped between paparazzi with rumors’ of her pregnancy. Recently, Hailey wore a form-fitting sleeveless white outfit to the Grammy 2022. Now, she gave a reply to one of the post that speculated that she is pregnant.

Hailey & Her Pregnancy

The 25 years old model is in discussion about whether or not she’s expecting a child with Justin Bieber. Indeed, the model kept on denying the false fact. But recently, fans shared thoughts online about possibly seeing a baby bump underneath the white sleeveless dress she wore to Grammy Awards.

Hailey Baldwin confirmed there’s no bun in the oven and also asked those speculating to “leave” her “alone”.

Hailey Baldwin

She responded to that fans saying, “I’m not pregnant leave me alone”. This confirmation came after she shared some of her own pictures from the big music night on Instagram. Some of them included poses of her and Justin getting cozy together.

Speculations At Met GALA And After Documentary

The couple stirred speculation that they were expecting when Justin rested his hand on his wife’s stomach at the 2021 Met Gala. However, later cleared that it was just a pose for cameras.

In the documentary, the Peaches hitmaker explained that having Hailey by his side has given him a sense of security
‘In my home growing up, a lot of things were unpredictable and that made things unreliable,’ Justin said. ‘Now I have a partner to spend the rest of my life with. It’s been really good for my mental health, heart and spirit.

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