Amber Heard's 'Homeless' Claim Explained After Insurance Lawsuit Drama

Amber Heard’s ‘Homeless’ Claim Explained After Insurance Lawsuit Drama

Amber Heard has been declared ‘stateless’ by her lawyers in an attempt to halt depositions. This was after a civil dispute between her and two insurance companies.

Heard made a new filing through her attorneys at Travelers Commercial Insurance on November 1, 2022. This comes during the case between Amber, New York Marine, and General Insurance Co. As per the attorneys, Heard was not a resident of the United States when New York Marine sued her.

Even now, she does not own a home and the court lacks jurisdiction to make a move with this lawsuit. As per the filing, Heard is a citizen but does not have a domicile in any state. Therefore, she is deemed as “stateless”.

Her lawyers said that the continued prosecution of these actions are important to Heard’s defense. They are urging for the case to not proceed as Heard is appealing for the dismissal of the verdict.

New York Marine, on the other hand, have countered if Heard was a non-resident at the time when they sued her. They claimed there was no proof given to that effect. The Marines also do not want to postpone the deposition after Travelers asked for a convenient date.

They stated that Heard’s lawyers did not back when the deposition was issued. Heard does not own any property in the United States and is legally homeless and stateless.


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