Amber Heard Spotted at Department Store, after getting Slammed for Flying in Private Jet

Amber Heard Spotted at Department Store, after getting Slammed for Flying in Private Jet

After actress Amber Heard got slammed for flying in a private jet, the actress was once again spotted and this time she was seen shopping at a discount departmental store located in New York. Amber owes her former husband Depp a sum of USD 8.4 million in damages for defaming him. In the addition to this the actress also needs to pay, hefty legal fees which is along linked with the trial case.

As per Amber’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft, Amber did not possess the means for covering the judgment which was passed down on her the jury. The actress was spotted on a shopping spree at TJ Maxx along with her sister, Whitney Henriquez who was also there along with the actress during the time while the defamation trial was going on.

The actress was spotted wearing an oversized shirt along with a worn-out jeans, and was seen walking along the clothing aisle. It is still unclear that weather the actress had bought anything from the store. However, after this incident, fans took to twitter to voice their suspicion over the surprising spotting of the actress. The actress was recently seen flying off from a recent trip to New York in a private jet. 

As per the reports, the actress was there present in New York City for her work purpose and meetings. The reports also went on to state, that she flew from New Jersey to Washington DC and after that she returned back to her home in Virginia.

Johnny and Amber’s Case went on For a Six Week Trial

A comment went on to read that, “Clearly Amber set this up to gain sympathy. It didn’t work. She needs to just move on like she said she wanted to.” After the recent six-week trial which took place, in Fairfax County, Virginia, a seven-person jury reached a verdict on June 1, which decided that Depp, proved that Heard defamed him in the 2018 op-ed. Depp has maintained that he never assaulted Heard and claimed she physically harmed him.

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