Amber Heard Smirks When Witness Testifies To Johnny Cowering Before Her

Amber Heard Smirks When Witness Testifies To Johnny Cowering Before Her

The ongoing defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard saw a new witness. Morgan Night was the former owner of Hicksville Trailer Palace and he talked about his side of what had happened when Heard testified to being allegedly assaulted.

But when the witness took the stand and was talking about that night, users noted how Amber was smirking. This left them full of rage. The couple had stayed at the Hicksville Trailer Palace with their friends back in 2013. Heard testified that her now ex-husband had grabbed her, ripped off her clothes, and trashed the trailer.

Morgan testified that he recalled their stay different from what Heard had testified. As per the Aquaman alum, Depp was allegedly jealous of another woman touching her. She claims this led to her being allegedly physically assaulted.

When asked about that night, Morgan testified that Johnny was extremely thrilled when they arrived. On the other hand, as per him Amber was quiet and did not say anything. As per Morgan, Depp was curious and nice and claimed the actor was interested in the innkeeper because she was a musician.

Night testified further that he was having a discussion with Depp about music when Heard interrupted and seemed annoyed. She blamed Depp for not spending time with her. As per Morgan, the couple argued that evening. He said,

“I was speaking with Mr Depp, just one on one, talking about Hicksville and Miss Heard came over and she said,”I want to talk to you” and seemed really upset about something.”

Trial Is Expected To End This Friday

Morgan testified that Heard yelled at him and he did not want to hear it. This was because he was in an emotionally abusive relationship before. As per him, the actor seemed to be cowering and scared. He added that the actor apologized to the former owner the night before.

This was when Heard was seen to be smirking and taking notes. She was also smirking when Morgan talked about a damaged sconce. He claimed there was a light sconce by the bathroom.

As per him, he did not witness any other damage done to the property. He claimed he was relieved and it was not a big deal. Morgan also stated that he never witnessed Depp getting violent.

The trial is expected to be coming to an end this Friday. Kate Moss, the British model is expected to give her testimony.

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