Amber Heard Slammed For Changing Testimony Mid-Trial

Amber Heard Slammed For Changing Testimony Mid-Trial

Amber Heard was back on the witness stand on May 16 after a week-long hiatus from the defamation lawsuit. She is being sued by her ex-husband and actor, Johnny Depp.

Amber was cross-examined by Johnny’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft on Monday. But the actress was seen changing her testimony in the middle of the trial. As per the actress’ testimony, the first alleged act of violence against her was in 2012. However, in her latest testimony, she said Depp was physically violent in 2013.

The Aquaman alum claimed she had given an inaccurate date for the first act of violence. But she claimed, “You never forget the first time someone hits you like that.” She also claimed that the police came multiple times during their marriage.

As per her, they discussed her therapist files as well to determine if there were any incidents of physical assault. When she was asked why she did not recall the incidents, she claimed that their relationship was both violent and chaotic and also loving and emotional.

Amber said the violence was “almost normal”. She claimed to be embarrassed to say that she thinks she would have liked to believe she fell in love with Johnny when he was sober but not violent.

The actress said, “Think I would have liked to believe that I wasn’t hit so early in the relationship and still stayed. He was also sober for a period in 2012 which was a peaceful time for us, in which we fell in love. So I had kind of allowed myself I guess, to forget that the beginning of that period – 2012, before he got sober was, really violent and chaotic as well. I am embarrassed to say that.”

Amber Claims They Had A Safe Word For Fights: “Couch”

The estranged couple had a safe word during fights which was “couch”. She added that she had to encounter various versions of the actor. Heard exclaimed that the divorce was mentioned often during their relationship.

However, viewers caught on to the change of statement and were not pleased. People appreciated Heard’s lawyer for “destroying” Heard with the cross-examination. But others believe Amber and her lawyers relied on social media to realize they made a mistake.

Amber’s answer to why she filed a temporary restraining order against Bredehoft also gained attention. She claimed she wanted to change her locks and wanted a good night’s sleep.

Heard said the security wasn’t letting her know when Depp was let in the house. She even asked them to let her know when he was coming but they let him in without it. Heard claimed, “And I couldn’t sleep. I’d wake up in a panic. I was losing hair. I was losing weight. I got really sick.”

Amber also claimed to be having panic attacks and falling apart all the time. She said she felt conflicted because she was in love as well as scared of Depp. “And I was thinking one step at a time. I was thinking very myopically. I wanted just to get a good night’s rest, good night’s sleep. I just wanted to change my locks,” she added.

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