Amber Heard hires new crisis management amid the ongoing defamation with Jonny Depp

Amber Heard hires new crisis management amid the ongoing defamation with Jonny Depp

Amber Heard’s ongoing defamation lawsuit with former husband Jonny Depp, is going to happen in the upcoming weeks. On Wednesday the actress is expected to take a stand in Jonny Depp’s defamation claim against her. As per the reports, the actress has hired a new crisis management agency, based in Beverly Hills, California. This thing came up after the actress had fired her PR team two days back.

According to the reports the actress has fired her PR team due to the recent, “bad headlines”, that surrounded her ongoing defamation with her former husband Jonny Depp. On the other hand, the Aquaman actress decided and prepared to defend herself, in the court earlier this spring. The actress retained the services of a new firm that was also a former deputy campaign manager for President Barack Obama’s successful re-election campaign.

As per the sources, the actress got frustrated with the press she’s received since the beginning of the defamation trial. The sources even mentioned that the actress is frustrated as because her story is not told so effectively.

Amber Heard is expected to take a stand on Wednesday

During the ongoing trial after Depp’s team finishes up, Heard’s team is anticipated to take the legal stage on Tuesday. As per the sources, an expert from Heard’s team is anticipated to testify first, with Heard most likely taking the stand on Wednesday, according to individuals who are familiar with the case. The case began as Depp is suing Heard for USD 50 million in damages after she claimed in an article for The Washington Post in 2018 that she had become the “public figure representing domestic abuse.”

As of now, the actress is making some changes amid her ongoing defamation lawsuit against her ex-husband Jonny Depp. Whereas Depp took the stand during the of four days last week, fielding questions about his drug and alcohol use, controversial text exchanges with friend and former costar Paul Bettany, audio recordings that chronicled a tumultuous relationship with Heard, and more. He also testified that Heard’s allegations of domestic violence have impacted his career, including his role in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

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