Amber Heard Finishes Her  Testimony in Johnny Depp Libel Trial News

Amber Heard Finishes Her Testimony in Johnny Depp Libel Trial

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Time icon July 24, 2020

Amber Heard claims Johnny Depp threatened to slice her face up as her sister also takes to the stand to give her testimony.

Heard also claims she walked into her ruined Australian mansion to find raw meat hidden everywhere. She claims smeared mash potatoes all over and also ripped her nightgown.

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Depp claimed that Heard was the one who abused him but Heard claims the opposite. As the actress finishes her testimony, she continues to blame Depp constantly describing him as the violent one. Heard showed texts to her mom describing Depp as ‘violent and crazy’. In the text exchange, she told her mom she was heartbroken because this is who she loves.

Heard claimed Depp hit her over an argument despite telling her mother in the text exchange that he was not being violent with her. When asked about the same, Heard said she was not being truthful to her mother.

Heard’s sister, Whitney Henriquez, took the stand that afternoon in the High Court. She said she had no qualms about living rent-free in Johnny Depp’s lavish penthouse. Despite asserting that the actor was violent with her older sibling.

Whitney said she knew about Depp’s alleged violent behavior and still chose to live next to them. She lived there in one of the five posh penthouses for a year with Heard’s friends. The other was occupied by Heard’s pal Rocky Pennington and her then-husband Joshua Drew, as well as Depp’s friend Isaac Baruch, who also lived rent-free, The Sun reported.

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However, Henriquez claims she was kicked out of the penthouse when Heard accused her of selling photos of and information on the couple’s private nuptials. She denies these allegations. Henriquez said Heard was hurt which caused the sisters to have a falling out for a while.

Heard’s Sister Backs Her Claim

Heard’s sister claims she begged Heard to not marry Depp because of his violent behavior that she witnessed. She claims he punched Heard really hard and that she felt sick when Heard told her she was engaged to him. In her written statement for the libel trial, she claimed their relationship was tumultuous from the beginning. Henriquez also claimed she saw bruises, cuts, and burns on her sister early on.

Heard’s sister also claimed that she saw Depp hit his nurse with a Red Bull can. She claims after which he attempted to pursue her and her sister up the stairs. This attack is referred to as the one where Heard admitted to hitting Depp to protect her sister. “When he got to the top of the stairs, he was pulling me backward so he could get to Amber,” she said. “I remember being scared because I was worried that I would fall backward and fall down the stairs.”

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Henriquez said after she was shoved aside to get to his wife. She said Heard lurched forward and hit him saying, ‘Don’t hit my sister’. Henriquez claimed Depp grabbed her hair then and punched her really hard in the head with his other hand multiple times.

However, Depp’s barrister pointed out that they missed out on a very important detail in her elaborated testimony. She said Depp had a cast on his hand. Henriquez agreed and said it was green in color and had cartoons on it. Although she denied it is an important detail.

Depp has denied ever being violent with the actress, claiming she was the abusive one in the relationship.

He is suing the British tabloid The Sun over a 2018 story that labeled him a “wife-beater.”

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