Alonzo Vega – The New Statement Piece King Of Contemporary Art News

Alonzo Vega – The New Statement Piece King Of Contemporary Art

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Time icon April 5, 2020

Emerging as an innovator within the arts for his unique choice of materials and the irreverence with which he captures historical iconography is Peruvian painter Alonzo Vega.

With a flair for the dramatic, Alonzo Vega’s day to day life is a carousel of daredevil adventure, shooting range target practice, and a free-wheeling stream of consciousness art that utilizes the raw materials of his escapades- from empty shell cases to guns and even gas masks for his creations.

The result is quite possibly Vega’s own genre of iconoclastic, irreverent, yet highly compelling art that comes with an emphatic cool factor and makes for real statement value.

Yet whilst art critics may boast that he is the new statement piece king of contemporary art, none of his work is designed strictly for show. Rather Alonzo’s creations are direct translations of the perspective through which he sees the world, even when dealing with historical works.

Take his painting Eyes Never Lie, a portrait of the Mona Lisa, for instance. While ostensibly a play of the pointillist style of the 19th Century artist, Georges Seurat, upon further inspection the viewer will note that the canvas has been created by the heads of bullets, wedged together to form a flat surface.

However, one would be wrong to say that Vega’s art excels just do to its wow factor or sensationalist content. What makes the art fun, relatable, and ultimately valuable is its purity.

Vega is the dashing, worldly man of today who is raw, undiluted, and bold. His pieces portray the world through this highly aspirational filter and give all who come in contact with a surge of adrenalin and a sense of freedom.

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