All wrapped up for winter! Sean Borg cuts a relaxed figure walking his Japanese Chin’s Eli and Olive Flagstaff, Arizona

The British entertainment personality was in good company on his New Year’s Day as he walked his beloved Japanese Chin dogs, Eli and Olive, on the Snowy hike in Arizona. He made his first post-Christmas appearance enjoying a day out in the Snow with his faithful companions.

According to sources, the well-known former ‘TMZ on TV’ guy rented a house for the holidays to stay safe during the Coronavirus lockdowns, currently happening in California – where Borg’s main home is.

With temperatures plummeting in America, Sean, 53, stayed warm beneath a stylish “puffa” jacket by Hawke & CO as he ventured out on his winter holiday.

Sean cut a cool figure, dressed in trendy gray cargo pants and fashionable New Balance sports shoes topped with a beanie hat, and he was all smiles when he spotted photographers snapping pictures of him.

Even his dogs avoided the cold temperatures. Dressed in woolen Tartan print winter coats as they experienced the Snow for the first time, according to Sean’s Instagram post on New Years Day, in which he wrote, “Eli and Olive Chin, enjoying their first experience of Snow.”

In the same Instagram post Sean expressed he was “looking forward to this one,” speaking about 2021.

2020 was a challenging year for most people, and like many – Sean had to put most of his television projects aside, including a new Trivago advertisement he was due to shoot last early last year.

However, this year, Borg has pledged to bounce back and has his sights set on the home shopping arena.

He told Clout News, “I’m a good salesperson; I think I would like to try my luck at QVC, or something like that.”

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