All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 CONFIRMED, Check Who All Would Be Returning This Time

The much-awaited season 2 of All Of Us Are Dead got finally announced by the Netflix Korea Officials. They finally made the announcement of bringing the kids back to school after the success of the season first. They shared a poster with a daring caption. Read the full article to know more details.

On June 6, Netflix Korea dropped a poster with the caption, “Can we survive again?” Hyosan High School friends’ fierce zombie survival period begins. With the show’s hashtags. Minutes later, Netflix followed this up and confirmed the stars of season 2. Confirmation came in from- Park Ji Hoo, Yoon Chan Young, Choi Yi Hyun and Lomon through ‘Geeked Week’.

For those who don’t know, Geeked Week is a virtual event for five-day, comprising of new trailers, the latest news, and drop-ins from stars. So, rightly coming from the stars, Yoon Chan Young in the announcement video said, “Is this on? Is it working? Hello, everyone. It’s been a while. Thank you to the Netflix fans worldwide for giving so much love to ALL OF US ARE DEAD Season 1.”

Park Ji Hoo continues, “How are you? We’ve been doing well. Did you hear the news?” Lomon (Park Solomon) goes next, saying, “ALL OF US ARE DEAD Season 2 is confirmed. We hope you also enjoy Season 2.” Cho Yi Hyun wraps up the announcement video by saying, “What will happen in ALL OF US ARE DEAD Season 2? My friends are waiting for me, so I’m going to leave now. See you!” 

About Season One of All Of Us Are Dead

All Of Us Are Dead did successfully become the newest South Korean streaming hit. The show is based on the 2009 webtoon, Now At Our School and aired its 12-episode season 1 on January 28, 2022. It was created by Lee Jae-kyoo, Chun Sung-il, and Kim Nam-su. Park Ji-hu, Yoon Chan-young, Cho Yi-hyun, Park Solomon, Yoo In-soo, Lee Yoo-mi, and Im Jae-hyuk appear in the series, which follows a group of high school students trying to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Indeed, fans are waiting for all the main characters to return in its second season, as the season first had an open-ended finale.

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