Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss Disclosed Why She Was Absent From WWE For A Long Period Of Time 

WWE fans are extremely worried about Alexa Bliss’ abrupt absence. A reunion with Bray Wyatt appeared imminent for the five-time women’s champion. The incident was recently clarified, assuaging fans’ fears that she might have been hurt. The cause of Alexa Bliss’ absence from WWE TV was revealed a few weeks ago by a source.

Now, The Goddess is taking an undisclosed length of time off from wrestling. She isn’t hurt, which was also abundantly evident. Before her break, Bliss had been dealing with regular visits from Uncle Howdy, Wyatt’s sidekick. Later on, it’s anticipated that Alexa Bliss will continue her tale with Uncle Howdy. It turned out to be a smart move to delay the news when the anticipation was at its peak.

There are many possible scenarios for Alexa’s return, all of which maintain the expectation of her character development. Unknown factors are responsible for Alexa Bliss’ abrupt departure from WWE TV. Her story being put on hold so that WWE can concentrate on Bray and Howdy’s arc is one obvious conclusion. Wyatt and Bliss are currently divided by brands, therefore, the creative team must come up with detailed plans to bring them back together.

Alexa Bliss upcoming future

At the Royal Rumble, Bianca Belair, the RAW Women’s Champion, won their most recent matchup. He addressed Bliss after her title match and questioned whether she was in charge, giving WWE a preview of what is to come. While the famous person hadn’t heard the sentence before, she nevertheless appeared surprised. She has had her hands full since Uncle Howdy was set loose on The Five Feet of Fury.

Bliss has lost the respect of Asuka and Bianca Belair, two of her former friends, as a result of actions that made her seem extremely violent and erratic. Fans of Alexa Bliss are enthused about her upcoming future in WWE after reading her most recent tweet. Since 2016, Bliss has consistently played on the primary roster. During the previous seven years, she has won several awards. Bianca Belair, the current RAW Women’s Champion, and Bliss are engaged in a rivalry over Belair’s title.


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