‘Alex Rider’ S2: Otto Farrant and Charithra Chandran as Alex and Sabina

The wait is over for Alex Rider Season 2. The brand-new TV series based on the bestselling book series by Anthony Horowitz is here. Watch Otto Farrant and Charithra Chandran as Alex and Sabina in the show. This would be the debut in the show for Charithra, playing fan-favourite character Sabina.

About The Show!

'Alex Rider' S2: Otto Farrant and Charithra Chandran as Alex and Sabina

The series premiered on IMDb TV in the U.S. and Amazon Prime Video around the world on 13th November. The series follows Alex Rider, a London based teenager who has unknowingly been trained since childhood for the dangerous world of espionage. Followed by his uncle’s death, and how it connects to the assassination of two high-profile billionaires.

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Alex assumes a new identity and goes undercover in a remote boarding school called Point Blanc. Prior to ‘Alex Rider’s release, the show has already been renewed for season 2. There’s plenty of material to cover. Anthony’s book series consists of 13 books so far. The show also features Stephen Dillane as Alan Blunt, Vicky McClure as Mrs. Jones, Andrew Buchan as Ian Rider, Brenock O’Connor as Tom Harris, and more. See more photos of ‘Alex Rider’ below. Also Read: Kourtney & Travis Relationship Will Be Featured In Kardashian Show

Coming to the season 2, Alex is still healing from the traumatic events at Point Blanc. Indeed, tries to return to his normal life. But when his new friend Sabina’s father is attacked by Yassen Gregorovich, Alex reluctantly finds himself drawn back into the world of international espionage. So let’s catch the new story from tomorrow. All the episodes of Alex Rider season 2 will be available to stream December 3 on IMDb TV.

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