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Ajav Devgn supports the Dharavi quarantine facility by paying for oxygen cylinders and ventilators

Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn, through his foundation, is supporting the Dharavi quarantine facility by paying for oxygen cylinders and ventilators!

It has been more than two months since the country is suffering due to coronavirus. The numbers have been rising everyday with Maharashtra being the most affected state. Within the state, it is Mumbai’s Dharavi area which has recorded too many cases. To help the government contain the virus, actor Ajay Devgn has supported a quarantine facility.

The actor has paid for oxygen cylinders and ventilators. The assistant municipal commissioner of G-North, Kiran Dighavkar, told Mumbai Mirror, “We told him we needed oxygen cylinders for all 200 beds and two portable ventilators. He readily agreed to pay for them.”

Ajay is helping the facility through his Ajay Devgn Films Foundation. He had earlier supported 700 families in Dharavi by providing them ration kits. He had tweeted, “Dharavi is at the epicentre of the Covid19 outbreak.Many citizens supported by MCGM are working tirelessly on ground through NGOs to provide the needy with ration & hygiene kits. We at ADFF are helping 700 families.I urge you to also donate.”


Talking about the facility in Dharavi, it has been built in 15 days. With 200 beds, the centre will have 4 doctors, 12 nurses and 20 ward attendants.

According to the reports on Monday, the state of Maharashtra has around 34,000 cases of COVID-19. Out of these, most of the cases belong to Mumbai.


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