Airrack To Give Away An iPhone Every Week Until He Reaches 69,000,000 Instagram Followers

Airrack, the YouTube sensation who is known for creating viral content has now come up with a scintillating giveaway idea for his supporters!

The YouTuber recently hit 2 Million subscribers on his YouTube channel and now has something exciting for his subscribers who go the extra mile to follow him on his official Instagram account. Let’s see what Airrack has got for his fans this time.

Airrack has asked for help from his MAFIA community to help him get to 69,000,000 Instagram followers! Yes, that’s SIX ZEROES and we read it as sixty-nine million! In return, Airrack has promised to give away one iPhone to a new Instagram follower from YouTube!

He shared the Giveaway announcement with a screenshot of a chat with one of his followers who won the iPhone. “You literally just won a new iPhone for following,” messaged Airrack. Have a look below.

Airrack, whose real name is Erick Decker is wildly known for his super fun, binge-worthy, and viral videos on the Internet. At the time of writing this article, Airrack’s official Instagram account (@airrack) has 168k followers. Rather a highly ambitious followers target of 69,000,000 by Airrack, it remains to be seen how his MAFIA community reacts because the online community of Airrack is known to smash humongous targets in a short span of time!

69,000,000 Followers In One Week?

Airrack, in a follow-up message humorously wrote “Can we get to 69,000,000 followers by the end of the week?????”

Apart from his Instagram, Erik has also promised earlier that he will reach the 3 Million faster than ever and it remains to be seen if he keeps up to his words.

Airrack is the epitome of crazy and viral YouTube video ideas and not only does he brainstorm such ideas, he executes them with perfection.


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