Age Is Just A Number FT. Utkarsh Piyush

An article based on India’s youngest digital marketing expert,Utkarsh Piyush What had you accomplished in life when you were just a 18 year old ? The answer to that question for most individuals would simply be ‘not much’ which is obvious because most of us at that age were in our final years of high school still pondering over what career path would suit us the best,let alone thinking about owning our own company.Most of us were in a phase where our sole aim was to gather as much knowledge as we could and to score good marks so that we could get into the ever prestigious institutions in the country.

It is but obvious that we were all worried about what future had in store for us.I am pretty sure that when I was 18,I wasn’t thinking about starting my own business. Like everyone else,I was a little too keen on thinking about the future rather than focussing on the present but then again it takes extraordinary strength of mind to go out of the way and do something that most others wouldn’t even dream of doing.People who have enough courage to do so are the ones that stand out. The most brilliant and live example of individuals who don’t believe in following the usual norm and make an effort of reaching out for success at even an age as tender as 18 is Mr. Utkarsh Piyush.

 This young man who comes from Muzaffarpur located in the Tirhut region of Bihar has already accomplished what most people who worry too much about the past and the future would probably fail to achieve. Utkarsh is India’s youngest digital marketing expert.For a lot of people the term ‘digital marketing’ could be a perplexing and enigmatic concept.Marketing in its most basic sense signifies promotion of a product or service to enhance its reputation and sale value.Digital marketing simply deals with the digital spectrum of marketing.Most people know that advertising and marketing is about promoting a product or service via different modes such as television ads,radio ads,sections/articles in magazines,newspapers,journals and also via catalogues,leaflets,direct mails and even through billboards and hoardings but these days the most common form of marketing platform is the Internet. 

Social media platforms such as Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,Whatsapp and YouTube are turning out to be the most effective tools for promotion based selling of products and services.Not only do these platforms reach out to a wider range of people but the impact created by digital advertisement is bound to last longer as well.It is not as simple as it sounds though,the procedure involved in being successful at something like it is quite complex which is why it comes as a surprise that a 18 year old has mastered the art of digital marketing.Utkarsh owns a company named Gurumedia that specialises in social media based marketing,online press releases,graphic designing as well as IMDb and Wikipedia related content.

Utkarsh also provides consultation to Bollywood celebrities.At an age of 18,Utkarsh has managed to decipher the code of understanding customer demands and needs and has been able to carve out a shining career path at such a young age. Cut throat competition is what encourages people to do wonders and stand out which is what drives Utkarsh towards thinking that there is always room for improvement.Even after having achieved quite a bit at a very young age,his accomplishments are only encouraging him to fly higher which is the mantra for every successful entrepreneur in the world.Utkarsh has made it clear that there is no room for self doubt if you want to trace the path of success in life.

By means of sheer hard work and determination,Utkarsh has set an example for the ages for all the young aspirants that age is just a number and it is your fearlessness,your ability to focus on the present,your ability to take risks that has a greater say in whether you will be the torch bearer when it comes to being a successful entrepreneur or just an average working class employee.

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