Dominik Mysterio

After Dominik Mysterio Is Released From Prison, Rhea Ripley Responds In Three Words

Former RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley served as inspiration for Dominik Mysterio’s most recent character growth. Dominik recently got a message from The Nightmare after being sent to jail by his father, Rey Mysterio, as a result of an invasion of the Mysterio household. Dominik and Ripley went to the Mysterio home on Christmas Eve with the intention of causing trouble.

On Thanksgiving, they had previously executed the veteran after breaking in without permission. However, Mysterio was one step ahead of his son and his partner this time the cops, as the legend had it who carried Dominik away. This week’s most recent RAW episode featured a major character change that Dominik Mysterio teased. Dominik was observed filming a commercial after being let out of jail despite The Judgment Day not being present.

Additionally, he appeared to be paying tribute to the late, great Razor Ramon by holding a toothpick in his mouth. Rhea Ripley commented on the advertisement on Twitter. In response to the USA Network posting a clip of him, she claimed that the youngster is tough. Ripley wrote, “He’s so tough. Dominik and Rhea Ripley have produced some fantastic television, and when The Judgment Day weren’t on RAW this week, fans were quick to point it out.

9/5 episode of WWE Raw

It could be a sign of impending events. We still don’t know how Dominik’s potential change of character will show up in the coming weeks. Dominik debuted as the newest member of The Judgment Day on the 9/5 episode of WWE Raw, dressed in all-black with his hair slicked back. Edge opened the show by lamenting Dominik’s actions at last Saturday’s Clash at the Castle, in which the son of Rey Mysterio turned his back on his own father after Edge and Rey defeated Damien Priest and Finn Balor in a grudge match. 

Edge stated that he has recognised Dominik since the age of five years old and has assisted in mentoring the third-generation wrestler to become a WWE Superstar. He then stated that he no longer regards Dominik as his nephew and wishes to teach him a lesson in regard. This prompted Rey Mysterio to intervene and console Edge, pleading for repentance on behalf of his son. Even so, Edge called out Dominik once more, prompting Rhea Ripley to encounter the WWE Hall of Famer.

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