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After Anusha Dandekar, Karan Kundra reacts to their break-up rumours

There had been speculations on Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar breaking-up amid the lockdown!

Many of the celebs have moved in with their partners during this lockdown period. But there are many others who haven’t. And seems like that became the reasons for rumours of Karan Kundra and Anushka Dandekar breaking-up.

However, the actor has now put all the rumours to rest as he told TOI why he’s not living with Anusha. He had recently travelled to Haryana for a shoot and found it better to live separately after the travel.


“I didn’t want to risk anyone else’s health and hence, chose to stay at my home. Just because we are living separately, people have assumed that we have parted ways. Let me tell you, we are still together. The rumour could also have been fuelled by the fact that I haven’t posted much on my social media handles. Well, that’s because I am on a digital detox now,” Karan said.

Anusha had recently slammed all the rumours as she had written a long note on her Instagram story. Talking about the same, the actor said, “She is more emotional and it was she who brought the break-up rumour to my notice. Arre, pehle hamein toh pata chalne do ki hamara break-up ho gaya hai (At least we should be the first to know that we have broken up).


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