After 25 years on PBS, Arthur has been cancelled

Arthur, the beloved children’s television series, has been cancelled by PBS after 25 years. First airing in 1996, the show is based on the Arthur Adventure book series written and illustrated by Marc Brown.

Both the novels and the series acted as an education tool as they follow the titular aardvark in his daily encounters with his friends and family in Elwood City. Episodes have dealt with a variety of social concerns including bullying, dyslexia, and autism.

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Arthur’s cancellation 

The potential of Arthur’s cancellation has been suspected for several years, but Carol Greenwald, the show’s executive producer, has finally confirmed PBS’ decision. Greenwald told IGN in an email that “the 25th and last season of Arthur will launch in the winter of 2022,” bringing the beloved children’s series to a close.

Although Arthur will live on in the hearts of many fans who grew up following Arthur’s adventures, and will most certainly do so long after the show’s last season airs, the show will be remembered for a variety of other reasons.

The sheer number of internet memes that have sprung up from the show in recent years, including classics like Arthur balling his first to express frustration and DW’s famous utterance of “That sign can’t stop me because I can’t read,” which served as an easily adaptable template for a variety of issues.

Arthur’s final season will premiere on PBS in Winter 2022.


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