AEW Superstar Earns His Way To Double Or Nothing Match

AEW Superstar Earns His Way To Double Or Nothing Match

Wardlow will ultimately get his hands on MJF this Sunday at AEW Double Or Nothing, since years of simmering dissension. The first match on tonight’s AEW Dynamite was a steel cage match between Wardlow and Shawn Spears, with MJF serving as the special guest referee. As previously stated, Wardlow needed to finish the match with win to promote to Double or Nothing and encounter his former boss, MJF.

MJF will indeed find ways to undermine Wardlow’s attempts in the fight, such as trying to hide the key that’d unlock Wardlow from cuffs he wears as he enters the arena. Wardlow eventually broke the cuffs into two separate parts with his own physical strength.

Despite having a clear strength advantage over Spears, MJF will indeed give Wardlow slow 3 counts and aggravate his efforts to win. Wardlow would prevent a chair shot from Spears at one point, allowing Spears to whack MJF in the head and blow him unconscious. Referee Bryce Remsburg rushed down to the ring in MJF’s spot, and Wardlow defeated Spears with his signature powerbomb symphony.

Wardlow and MJF will face off against each other for the first time at Double Or Nothing. Wardlow will be announced from his agreement with MJF and will be allowed to register with AEW if he wins. If MJF ends up winning, Wardlow will be excluded from ever signing with All Elite Wrestling. In an interview recently this week, AEW’s rising star vowed to set a new world record by dropping countless powerbombs on MJF this Sunday. A world record will be set. I intend to powerbomb him unless I physically cannot.

Wardlow Will Face MJF In A One-On-One Match

If he completes the work, Wardlow will face MJF in a one-on-one match at Double Or Nothing later this summer and will be set to release from his MJF agreement if he succeeds. However, it was eventually discovered that if Wardlow does not win Double Or Nothing on May 29, he would be barred from ever signing an AEW agreement.

The fragment started with a parody of Dark Side of the Ring, with Chris Jericho’s voiceover trying to hype Maxwell’s return to Long Island. MJF also conveyed some expectedly cheeky lines all through his promo, mentioning former AEW star Cody Rhodes, who is now signed with WWE. MJF referred to him as The American Rollercoaster and his closest mate. When the audience responded negatively to his Rhodes mention, he responded, Aaah, you folks don’t want to discuss about 2024? The man in the back doesn’t either.


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